Friday, 7 May 2010

Umbrella cover, bun snood and spats

Here are three delightful crocheted accessories from the 1940s: "spats to turn your shoes into warm boots, a cover for your umbrella in chenille and a bun snood to match".

The umbrella cover is crocheted in Chenille yarn - lovely looking but would get rather soggy when wet...

The pattern also includes this lovely two-way hat, which can be worn on the back of the head, or rolled up and worn as a pill box.


  1. a knitted umbrella cover... but umbrellas are wet, and that plus wool = tragedy, no? Something about this pose made me think she was holding a gun rather than an umbrella. Note: I do think those spats could become big with the kids. If I worked in sock industry, I'd be all over that.

  2. where is the pattern for the spats?

  3. Hi Stephanie, I haven't given the pattern online, I was just showing this as an example of 1940s knitted fashion - maybe you'd be able to find a similar pattern on eBay?