Thursday, 31 May 2012

Eddie Izzard doll

Here is knitted Eddie Izzard! He was a special one-off custom order and he left for his new home in the USA this morning.

Knitted Eddie's outfit was based on this real-life Eddie ensemble of high-heeled boots, black sparkly skirt, basque and pink jacket.

There was a horrible mid-knitting moment when I was reminded of Dolores Umbridge's pink tweedy outfit in Harry Potter, but once the black accents were embroidered on, normality resumed. No-one wants to think of  Dolores Umbridge in a basque.

If you'd like a custom doll made, then you know where my Etsy shop is. Just take the second left then follow the internet until you can hear the sound of knitting needles. It's not far.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Custom cross stitch

Now you may know me best as a knitter, but I also take commissions for custom cross stitch samplers as well. I'm happy to stitch anything, no matter how big or small, or randomly daft. Recently I've been working on large pieces for a company's corporate meeting room, including their company logo, and also small framed private joke pieces which make no sense to me as an outsider, but which are providing a good deal of mirth somewhere in the world.

If you'd like something stitched, drop me a line to discuss prices, sizings and options. Everything I make is crafted from 100% cotton DMC threads and high quality aida fabric. Even the private jokes.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Happy children

Genuinely happy children! This is a rarity for a knitting pattern. Most knitting-pattern-children have nervous or forced smiles, usually because they are having to pretend that the man in the alarming 1970s pullover is actually their Dad.

These three, however, look genuinely amused at a private in-joke (no doubt a height-related one) and are clearly enjoying their day out at a badly-drawn fairground.

Lavenda Hand Knit boys and girls sweaters with crew or V neck, in Lister's Lavenda 4 Ply, Crisp Crepe or Golden Fleece. No date.