Friday, 18 December 2015

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Knitted Birds for Christmas

There's still time to order a copy of my book Knitted Birds, if you're looking for the perfect Christmas present for the knitter in your life! It contains over 30 different bird knitting patterns, along with nests and eggs. Maybe if you give it as a Christmas present the lucky recipient might knit you a bird or two in the new year? 

It's available directly from my blog, or from my Etsy shop, or you can buy it in all good bookshops (although if you buy one from me, I can sign it for you, for an-extra special present idea). 


Cardinal bird knitting pattern

Here's a festive - looking northern cardinal! He's one of my new designs so the pattern isn't available yet (it currently only exists as some mysterious notes in my fancy notepad, which is technically known as "phase one" of pattern making). They are such beautiful birds - that red is just stunnning. Now all we need is a dusting of snow so I can take some really wintery photos... (I live in the mildest part of England so please don't hold your breath!)

Seagull and the stars

Knitted seagull getting a bit confused about a vintage map of the sky for December (it's upside down, gulls aren't great at stuff like this...) If you'd like to knit one, the knitted seagull pattern is in my Etsy shop (this one doesn't have the optional wire legs but the pattern comes with full instructions if you want to add them).