Friday, 15 January 2016

Word on a wing

dove knitting pattern bird by Nicky Fijalkowska

Here's a new bird knitting pattern - I'm very pleased with this one. It's a dove of peace and like all my patterns, it's knitted in the flat on 2 needles. I think these might be the best wings I've knitted to date - they are double-sided so can easily be posed up or down, and the whole project is a nice, simple knit. The pattern is available as a download from my Etsy shop!

The dove is an ancient symbol of peace and love in many cultures - hope these knitted doves spread a little more peace and love into your world. I'm also hoping that people will knit these white doves as an alternative to releasing the real thing at weddings or funerals (so many of the released birds end up attacked by predators or in shelters as they are unable to fend for themselves after release).

You can download your dove pattern instantly, from Etsy.