Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I made my own stair carpet

Two slightly manic-looking disembodied heads discuss the merits of making your own Airlyne stair carpet. I suppose that if you are a disembodied head then having a nice stair carpet is very important, as you are going to be looking at it more closely than most as you bounce up and down the stairs.

The Airlyne machine was a sturdy table-top rug and carpet-making machine, which promised "easy and economical" results using Axminster materials. Now that's an impressive craft project - especially if you are a disembodied head.


  1. Ahahahahahaha. But where can I get one!!!??

  2. Where can you get a disembodied head? Argos, perhaps?

  3. Oooops, just dribbled down my cleavage whilst spluttering with laughter.
    At least that proves my head is still embodied.....

  4. Becks - sorry to hear about your dribble problem. I do hope it didn't make it onto your stair carpet.

    Madam Salami - there's an Airlyne for sale here - but it's in Spain. It does look truly amazing, though.