Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What the 1960s toddler is wearing this season

An oddly royal-looking toddler, this fella: a touch of the Prince Williams about him. He's sporting a two-piece powder blue Patons Quickerknit creation.

The top is a button-up cardigan, and the shorts are a "pilch". Never heard of a pilch before but a quick trip to the dictionary tells me that a pilch is an over-wrapper for a nappy. I look forward to dropping this word into a conversation some day soon.


  1. oh how your posts crack me up!

    we are in dire need of get-togethers and catch-ups very soon - then we can talk about pilches to our hearts' content. goodness knows i could use a pilch or two!


    1. I'll knit you a pilch! Although it's not exactly pilch weather at the moment. A summer pilch in cotton yarn? Let's get together soon, let me know whenever fits in with you xxx

  2. Hi, I'm from Australia and my children wore pilchers. We call them pilchers not pilch.
    It's a word to call something that covers the baby's nappy. My daughter's were cotton fabric. Be careful about this word because a pilchARD is a type of fish.

  3. I never knew that!

    But you are right, it is important to not gets pilchers and pichards muddled up, that would be a terrible thing.