Wednesday, 12 September 2012

David Bowie doll

 Here's the first of my new doll designs for the autumn: say hello to this David Bowie doll, created from my own pattern. He's approximately 11 inches long and is based on the Diamond Dogs cover.

I was inspired to knit him because I have been knitting Doctor Who dolls over the summer and it struck me one afternoon, while listening to Bowie and knitting Matt Smith, that during his prime, Bowie was actually a sort of Time Lord. He regenerated into something completely different every few years, with Ziggy Bowie being as different from Let's Dance Bowie as Patrick Troughton is as different from Peter Davison. Everyone has their favourite incarnation. (Sylvester McCoy would probably be Tin Machine. You have to be a rather dedicated fan to like either).

If you'd like to give this rock Time Lord a home, he is currently lounging around my Etsy shop.

Oh yes - one bonus feature of this doll is that if you want to have a knitted version of the pre-censorship album art, you can put Mr Bowie's tail between his legs and you have an anatomically correct dog. If you know what I mean...