Thursday, 11 October 2012

Creepy naked TV presenters

I was commissioned by Talkback to knit naked dolls of TV presenters Russell Kane and Greg James. And here they are! They appear on Series 2,  Episode 2, and if you scroll through to 17 minutes on iPlayer you'll  be able to see them.

They were knitted with several different sizes of detachable penis but sadly they didn't use these on the show.

I hope these don't give you nightmares...


  1. I watched the programme specially to see these! I was shocked at how they were chucking them around. So little respect...

  2. They are truly marvellous. I bet you had fun doing those!

  3. They were really good fun to make. Never done nudes before so it was all a bit of a learning curve!

  4. ha ha they are very funny!

    Nicky i love your little cat.....

    greetings from Holland

  5. Thank you! The little cat is based on one of my cats when she was a kitten, glad you like her!