Thursday, 12 September 2013


Knitted blackbird enjoying the autumn sunshine in the park. One of the bonuses of knitting birds is that finally I can take half-decent wildlife photos without having to use one of those massive telephoto lenses or having to worry about the subject flying off.

I'm particularly pleased with how the blackbird turned out - when you're knitting with black you're relying entirely on the shaping to create the sense of the bird and I think I captured the shape and the pose of a blackbird with this one.

(American visitors please note that this is a British blackbird - completely different to your beautiful blackbirds! I will get round to knitting one of the North American blackbirds one day.)


  1. Nicky I just discovered you while looking at other West Sussex bloggers on Blogger. I love your birds, they are brilliant!

    1. Thanks so much, Clare, I am really glad that you like them. There are more birds coming very soon!

  2. I love the bird - and your nature photos!

  3. Thanks Anna! All the photography is done on my mobile phone - it's amazing what you can do when you have an infinite amount of time, because your subject isn't going to fly off : )