Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Phoenix knitting pattern

Here's my new bird knitting pattern - a phoenix. I wish the phoenix was a British bird, how lovely it would be to see these beauties blazing their way through the oak forests and blackberry thickets of this green and pleasant land.

Until that day comes, you can knit a phoenix of your very own - he's about 10 inches tall, not including the tail, which can be made as long and extravagant as you like. He's got posable wire feet and he is big enough to perch on your arm, or a branch. Mine is happily sitting on a bookcase next to my desk, and he hasn't set fire to anything yet.

He's knitted in the flat, on 4mm needles - you can buy the phoenix knitting pattern from my Etsy shop as an instant PDF download.


  1. I cannot find this pattern on etsy - is it available anywhere else for purchase?

    1. Hi Leanne! Sorry that you couldn't find it - it's here in my Etsy shop: