Thursday, 12 June 2014


Fledglings tug at my heartstrings. That huge, sad beak. Those big eyes. Those little stumpy wings. A few days ago, I had a blackbird fledgling in the bush in my front garden, right outside the window. Oh, those heart-rending chirps. I couldn't concentrate and spent the afternoon looking out the window every five minutes for neighbourhood cats. Later in the day, he or she flew off, and I could get on with my life once more.

The RSPB has some excellent advice about fledglings on their website. No matter how tempting it is to pick up that helpless little ball of fluff, don't, unless it's on a busy path or in danger. Usually, the fledgling's parents will be supervising from a safe distance and what's happening is completely normal. The fledgling spends a few days on the ground, growing its final flight feathers and getting ready for takeoff.

Anyway - here's my knitted version of the little fledgling that spent the afternoon in my garden, and is hopefully now well on it's way to becoming an adult blackbird. You're allowed to pick this one up, don't worry.

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