Monday, 30 November 2009

Man's Poncho

I like to think that there is a tale to tell behind this photo from the Regency Bainin Knitting Wool booklet, circa 1970 ("25 Fashionable and Attractive Garments for You to Crochet").

There's your man, playing Mr Willoughby or the like in a costume drama, complete with cravat and moody stare into the distance, wandering around the forest in a love-lorn haze, unaware that up in that oak tree the team from Regency Bainin Knitting Wool have rigged up a dastardly contraption.

They have wire, they have a crocheted poncho, they have extremely good aim. They wait for him to lounge meaningfully against the tree then - bam - they cut the wire, releasing the poncho neatly over his head. Brian, the Regency Bainin Knitting Wool photographer leaps out of a nearby thicket and - snap. Job done.

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