Wednesday, 19 May 2010

How to make a lavender bottle

I was browsing through a 1930s volume of The Children's Encyclopedia, edited by Arthur Mee - one of those fascinating books which covers everything from Pre-Raphaelite art to Making An Eskimo Village on A Tea-tray, via A Picture-Museum of Geology and rather fey line-drawings of William Caxton. A bit like the internet, only in hardback form.

This entry called "How To Make A Lavender Bottle" caught my eye. What on earth is a lavender bottle? Turns out it's a way of weaving lavender and ribbons together to make a pretty corn-dolly-type decoration which you can use to scent drawers or rooms. Arthur Mee's instructions are rather dry, but there's a wonderful step-by-step guide at which shows you how to make one with photos and everything. No fey-drawings of William Caxton, sadly. You can't have everything.

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