Friday, 21 January 2011

Norwegian sportswear

Now this is what I call proper sportswear. If the racks in JJB Sports were full of nothing but hand-knitted Norwegian-style jumpers and bobble hats like these, I would sign up for the loyalty card.

Any guesses which sports the couple are about to partake in? Something that you can do while wearing tweed trousers and full make up... is posing by a sports car actually a sport?

This late 1950s pattern from P and B gives directions for his and hers jumpers and hats, worked on dinky little size 11 needles, using 4 ply yarn. The Norwegian patterning is beautiful - if you were knitting this you would tackle a band of Norwegian twiddliness at the start of your project as you begin at the base of the main body, then a calm period of inky blackness, before finishing with a flourish of more twiddle at the top. A good combination of yin and yang.


  1. I love this blog and the work here in. We have our very own knitting graffiti artist here in Devonport Auckland. She does amazing stuff. Here's a link to her blog:

  2. Glad you like the blog! And I really love Knitty Graffity - so funny, so creative xxx