Monday, 10 January 2011

True vintage

This picture pleases me because it is sailing in the opposite direction to the current prevailing vintage crafting style. The modern definition of vintage equates to folksy, chunky knit or felted cream-coloured natural doodads photographed against a distressed white wall and scrubbed wooden floors. There may possibly be an artfully inclined black bicycle or 1940s wooden packing crate lurking in the background, too.

However, for me, true vintage is summed up by this page from a Patons Bazaar booklet, circa late 1960s. Brightly coloured acrylic cushions having a fight with some inflatable clown heads over who is going to sit on that rocking chair. It was a challenge to find a background colour that would clash with every single cushion but by heck, Patons managed to pull it off.


  1. Why, oh, why did they think of the clown heads? Knitting and hallucinogenic drug intake do not generally go together!

  2. Not generally, but I would love to see the results!