Wednesday, 23 November 2011

1920s baby clothes

Weldon's Simple Baby Clothes and Materity Wear - a broadsheet-sized home-dressmaking magazine from the late 1920s, and a fascinating glimpse into the glamorous world of what the well-dressed tot and ma were sporting.

"Surely there is no more delightful task than preparing an outfit for the Little Stranger. The wee garments are so dainty and easy to make, and as we stitch into them all the best wishes in the world, we wonder perhaps if we are working for some small boy or girl who will one day become a national hero or heroine."

Long, simple gowns were de rigeur for the newly arrived Little Stranger: "Dainty and protective with bonnet for Miss, or Hat for Master."

Styles for older children echo the adult fashions of the 1920s - I love this little cloche hat. "Dainty frock in Ayesha or washing silk and Coat and Bonnet of velour, etc." Ages 6 months to 2 years.

Children aged 6 months to 5 years could wear this elegant hat: "Fashion votes for a silk or satin Bonnet, with gauged crown and cuff brim, to match her coat, and she will be so smart. A tiny daisy spray from transfer No 14102 will be pleasing on the brim".

Mummies, of course, were not to be outdone in the maternity fashion pages. Long, flowing dresses and coats to accentuate the 1920s ideal androgynous figure, and not a baby bump in sight.

"I'm eight months pregnant, you know."
"It shows, my dear, you are looking simply elephantine."


  1. Nice find Nicky! I have a small stash of vintage magazines, but nearly all mine are post WW2. The little girls look a bit Mabel Lucie Atwell-ish :-)

  2. They do look very Atwell-esque, you are right! I have very few pre-WW2 magazines as well. This one was a surprise inclusion in a bunch of knitting patterns I picked up from a Freecycler. I think I was so excited I squeaked.

  3. I once got about 30 copies of World of Interiors magazine from a Freecycler - that was a very squeakworthy event for me :lol: > If you Google MLA images there's a Jaeger knitting pattern with an illustration by her!

  4. Oh why don't babies wear such things any more, they are wonderful. What a lovely find.

  5. Becks, I will post some more of these outfits, soon. They are so lovely. Marigold - 30 copies of World of Interiors is *beyond* squeakworthy. Will check out the MLA illustrations, never knew that she did knitting patterns!

  6. Excellent! So glad to read something new from you...Thanks!
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