Thursday, 8 July 2010

1950s kettle holder and oven glove

Here's a simple knitting project from a 1950s booklet by P andB wools called Second Stage Simple Knitting. Make a thick, decorative "fancy rib" square and add a loop to turn it in to a kettle or pot holder. Make seven identical squares and sew them together to create knitted oven gloves.

Kettle holder: you will need oddments of double knitting yarn, and a pair of No 3 needles.

Using the wool double all the time, cast on 20 sts.
1st row: K2, P2 to end.
2nd row: Same as the first row.
3rd row: K every stitch.
4th row: Same as the third row.

Repeat these 4 rows 6 times more, then from the beginning of the 1st row to the end of the 3rd row once more. Cast off.

The loop: Using the wool single, cast on 18 sts. Do not knit any rows but cast off the sts straight away. Stitch the loop to one corner of the holder.

Oven glove: Make 7 pieces exactly the same as the kettle holder square above. Stitch the 7 pieces together so that they make a long strip. Fold back the two end pieces and stitch them down at the edges to make the gloves.

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