Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Knitted Siamese kitten

Just finished this cuddly knitted Siamese kitten, based on our wee feline terrorist, Ping. I designed the pattern myself, basing it on one of those lovely stylised Siamese china figurines from the 1960s.

When you are taking photographs of anything with Siamese cats around, it is inevitable that one, or more, will pop up un-announced as you are about to press the shutter and photobomb your carefully arranged photo opportunity. Here is Ping checking that I have got the settings right. Yes, it all seems OK. You may continue, human.


  1. Whoah! How well done is that? I almost couldn't tell them apart! Hee hee! See you tomoz for more luncheon chats and fun times! x

  2. Thats Incredible, haha I love it. Great job, keep it up.
    I'd love it if you'd visit my blog