Thursday, 11 February 2010

Berets for All

When I am Prime Minister, this will be my rallying cry to get this once-fine nation back on its feet again - Berets For All.

And some cake.

This is one of my very favourite knitting books from the late 1940s or early 1950s. Berets for all ages, and almost every hat is a classic. They are really hard to knit though, most are knitted in 4 ply or 3 ply (eek!) on tiny, tiny needles. I tried to make the bobble stitch white beret ("An Unusual Crochet Design Consisting of Pretty Clusters") but gave up after a couple of months, only a quarter of the way in.

My favourite beret is the gentleman's bicycle beret, "A Special for Sportsmen". It's described as "a Beret That Every Cycling Enthusiast Will Want" but this is a lie. I've offered to make this for a couple of gentlemen cycling friends but both politely declined. I think gentlemen are generally a bit scared of this hat. Tough luck, chaps. When I'm Prime Minister, it will be compulsory head wear and you'll run the risk of a spot fine if you go without.

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