Monday, 1 February 2010

Sweaters for the Well-Built

A glimpse back to a time when the phrase "plus size" used to be the coyly descriptive "well-built".

Sweaters for the Well-Built by Patons and Beehive offers classic jumper patterns for sizes 46 inches and upwards.

The male model on the left is a wonderful mix of John Prescott and Rab C Nesbitt. He has a perfect BBC sitcom face. In fact this photo could be a rare still from the first (and only) season of 1965's That's My Geranium. Will these gentlemen find out who has been tampering with the vicarage plant stall cuttings before the Rector arrives?


  1. All these photos are tops. I am wondering if in the two-fisted pot snap above if he is contemplating which to use as a crude weapon. Sort of Cluedo.

  2. You're absolutely right - was it Mr Well-Built, in the garden, with a terracotta pot?

  3. No, sorry, it was Mr and Mrs Well-Built, in the library, with a hardback book. So close.