Saturday, 20 February 2010

It's raining cute

Howie Woo creates gorgeous amigurumi works of art. Check out his latest public project in Vancouver: 14 different cat and dog raindrops, each named, all hanging from a trellis in the Davie Village Community Garden.

Howie says: "As all eyes focus on Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics, I hope these raindrops show that we Vancouverites can be proud of the rain that makes our streets shiny and our lush trees grow". Bless.

Many more photos on Howie's Flickr page.


  1. The photos of these raindrops were here one minute gone the next through my job's firewall. Glad to see they are keeping me from viewing this kind of Raindrop Smut! Cute kitties indeed!

  2. I think this is God's way of telling you to change your job.