Thursday, 8 April 2010

12 different 1950s hats to knit

Oh, they knew how to wear woolly hats in the 1950s. Pert little knitted confections that perched jauntily on the back of the head, veering between chic elegance and downright dottiness. Even a simple bobble hat oozes 1950s style and elegance when knitted on the small side and popped smartly on the back of the head like a tiny cocktail cap.

A swan-like neck and Grace Kelly profile are completely optional for the modern day hat wearer. I have knitted a drawer full of these little darlings in different colours and shapes over the years and can confirm that they are still as warm, stylish and wonderful as they were over 60 years ago.

Buy this knitting pattern for twelve delicious 1950s hats for £1.50. You'll receive a link to download a high quality PDF document of this pattern upon payment. Pattern has some creasing, a little writing on top corner, otherwise good.

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