Monday, 19 April 2010

1950s gloves to knit and crochet

The 1950s weren't just a classic era for chic hats. Gloves were dainty and stylish as well (and best displayed on expressively slender mitts, as above).

These four glove patterns from 1952 are recommended "for every occasion - in light shades for summer, or cheerful stripes for chilly days next autumn". The spotty gloves, black gloves and yellow and white embroidered gloves are all knitted in 3 ply. The striped gloves are crocheted in fingering thread.

If I start now, I might just have a pair of these by the autumn...

Buy a copy of this vintage 1950s knitting and crochet pattern for £1.50. You'll receive a link to download a high quality PDF document of this pattern upon payment.

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