Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Knitted Tamagotchi

We are a three Tamagotchi household - two of them were re-homed from Freecycle, which I suppose makes them "rescue Tamagotchis". The third is a Tamagotchi Music Star, which means it can form a band. Last week we couldn't work out how it could make money to buy itself food, so it had nothing to eat for a couple of days, which I think was taking the starving musician thing a bit too far.

But I digress. These Tamagotchis all needed somewhere to live, which is why my daughter put in a request for me to make a Tamagotchi bag.

The screen is at a lower level to the rest of the padded bag which means that the Tamagotchis can lounge around on it. When they are not in use, they can be stowed away inside and zipped up safely - the red zip looks like the infra red whatnot on top of the Tamagotchi egg.

This was one of those items that was incredibly fun to make as it involved a little of many different craft disciplines: the main body is knitted out of DK yarn, the carry strap was crocheted out of a thin gold thread, the little Ichigotchi was just enough intarsia knitting to be enjoyable, and I used a twisted chain stitch from a 1930s embroidery encyclopedia as the edging for the screen. Oh yes, and I had to sew on three buttons.

I think the Tamagotchis appreciate the effort...


  1. Tamagotchi band has to get an under the table part time job at their roommate's uncle's store. I think their girlfriends provide them with food. Or, that's always how it worked for me.

  2. Funnily enough we eventually worked out what we were doing wrong, and Tamagotchi CAN get a part time job to pay for food etc. He can work in either a cake shop, or he can pack fruit. Rock n roll!

  3. No record store? In Boston it's also common to become a human guinea pig for medical trials. This would add an entire new dimension to the game though... Packing fruit, that sounds like a job only a drummer could take...

  4. These are all great improvements to the game. Maybe we should suggest them to Bandai for when they make the next version.

  5. If only you could knit some technology we could cut out the middleman and you could make the game yourself. Dang!