Friday, 23 April 2010

Pimp my hide

Now let me make this quite clear, I hate fur coats. Unless they're on an animal, obviously. I would rather eat glass than wear one myself, savvy? I'm just interested in this ad from The Portsmouth News, 1970, from a thrift point of view.

These days, I can't imagine the Co-Op, or any other major clothing retailer offering the services of an expert who can remake and remodel your items of clothing to save you having to buy new ones from the shop.

Mr Victor Segall was offering "re-styling to modern fashion requirements", "cleaning and repairing, including replacing worn parts", the re-dying of faded furs, and, "fox furs and stoles made into cape stoles."

Wouldn't it be wonderful to offer this service today, not necessarily with furs, but with any item of clothing that no longer fits, or has worn out in places, but you still love the fabric and would like to see it transformed into something else? Wouldn't it be marvellous to have a Mr Victor Segall who could scoop your old coat up in his arms, suggest a few creative ideas, and return, say, a few weeks later, with a beautiful skirt and matching handbag made out of your cast-off?

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