Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Severus Snape knitted doll

***UPDATE October 2010: Professor Severus Snape has proven so popular that if you would like a Snape doll of your own, check out my Etsy shop. Otherwise contact me for Snape doll commissions. The world needs more knitted Snapes.***

I have finally finished knitting the Severus Snape doll. Here he his, playing the piano with his feet - a sight you'd normally only ever see at the Slytherin house Christmas party.

Snape is about 40cm high and knitted from acrylic DK yarn. I'm normally a make-do-and-mend craft recycler, using things from charity shops and Freecycle, but this time I splashed out and bought some tiny, tiny doll's buttons to sew on his jacket as a finishing touch. This was the first time I'd knitted a doll without using a pattern, so I'm pretty pleased with the final result.

My daughter's verdict? "He's very cute." (He got a big hug, too).


  1. Oh he is just so cute and grumpy!

  2. nearly as kissable as alan rickman himself.

  3. sevvysgirl (Sharon)20 October 2010 at 05:30

    I saw this knitted Severus doll some long while ago & really fell in love with him! I just happened to come across this site again today &, seeing the pic, it reminded me of how I'd love to have one myself! Not being much of a knitter, I couldn't even begin to think of creating such a thing though, unfortunately. Therefore, if the lady (Nicky?) who knitted him would be willing to make me one (I'll pay handsomely!), could please come back to me somehow through this site, I'll give you my contact e-mail address. Thank you so much!! :-)

  4. Absolutely, would be delighted to knit you one - drop me an email - nicky@robnewman.com

  5. sevvysgirl (Sharon)26 October 2010 at 02:53

    Hi Nicky,

    Just to let you know that 'Severus' arrived safely in his shoebox in this morning's post - he is indeed very gorgeous!

    I realise, however, that I will have to keep him away from my new kittens (who are only 11 weeks old.) They watched with amusement when I took him out of his wrappings & are likely to rip him to shreds if I leave him within their reach! I'm guessing that would definitely earn them a huge reduction in Hogwart's house points - even from a knitted Potions master!

    Thanks again.

    All the best,

    Sharon :-)

  6. Oh my gosh. He is the coolest thing i have ever seen. I was wondering if you made some to sell and what the costs were. He is amazing.

  7. Absolutely, always happy to knit another Snape - here's a link to the doll in my Etsy shop - http://www.etsy.com/listing/78077368/professor-severus-snape-doll Glad you like him!