Saturday, 9 January 2010

Distinctively Different crochet accessories

From Golden Hands magazine, 1972: "Distinctively Different: In this age of standardised clothes and mass production, it is easy enough to find your best friend wearing the same dress as your own. Accessories are the best way to add more individual touches of character, but any which are the least out of the ordinary can cost the earth - so why not try and make them yourself?"

Indeed. Every home-made craft project is a poke in the eye to mass production and conformity. By picking up that crochet hook, you are sticking it to the man, sister.

These co-ordinating 1970s accessories are worked in red, white and blue rows of double crochet (UK). This colour scheme gives our model a bit of a 1970s air hostess look - maybe she's about to serve you a crocheted gin and tonic from the crocheted drinks trolley.

All of these accessories are created iin the same way: you make a central band of main colour until you have the length you want, and then work double crochet around the sides of the band until you have the width you want. Simple, and easy to adapt to make a watch strap, belt, hat band, or tie.

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