Thursday, 4 March 2010

1960s Japanese knitting machine clothes

I recently baggsied a fantastic 1960s Brother knitting machine off Worthing Recycle. It's insanely complicated to use, with a manual that looks like you need a degree in 1960s computer science to decode - it's all punch cards and baffling tables and diagrams.

Luckily, it also comes with a hardback book full of incredible photos of 1960s Japanese models, showing off the garments that could be mine, once I've knitted my time machine and earnt that 1960s computer science degree.

I love the air-brushed, Techicolor quality of these photos. I'd better start learning how to use those punch cards...


  1. did you ever figure out your machine? I was just given a Kappa one with no manual from the 1960's. If you have any resources or insights on how to get it going again, please share!

  2. Sadly, Alexis, I gave up and ended up giving it away on Freecycle. It was just too insanely complicated and I knew I would never use it. It is probably giving someone a nervous breakdown as I type.

    Isn't a Kappa a mythical Japanese swamp monster?