Monday, 1 March 2010

Mr March

Three for the price of one this month, with this trio of dapper chaps from Simplicity's Sewing For Men and Boys book (1974).

From the back, we have the "Now Generation" guy - "He's outgoing, personable, in-the-know. He loves the new fashion, is eager to be part of the scene with all the latest shapes, fabrics and colours. He prefers the mix and match possibilities of shirts with texture and colour interest, vests with patterns and important neckwear."

In the middle, we have Nick Cave.

No, hang on, he's the "Tailored Traditionalist" - "solid, successful, mature. His favourite suit? A no-nonsense double-breasted variety with few details to clutter the mind."

And finally, here's the "Young Executive" - "A man on the way to the top, he bright, ambitious, but reserved. He chooses a classic single-breasted suit with a more fitted look. He likes rich fabrics, mixes patterns with flair." Nice bow tie.

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