Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Crochet bat wing headband

My daughter is crazy about the My Sims Wii games, especially her favourite character Violet, a very stylish goth girl, who sports a marvellous floor length-black dress and bat wing hair accessories. She wanted to dress up as Violet for her un-birthday party on Saturday, so I made her this Violet-inspired headband.

It's been the biggest craft hit of the year so far, even more so than her Severus Snape doll. She's worn it round the house every day for a week, so far.

The headband is based around an old pair of deely boppers. I removed the old antennae, leaving just springs, and then cut out large bat wings out of felt and glued these over the springs, sandwiching light card in the middle to give them more strength. The skull in the middle is crocheted, with black wool embroidery, and is attached to the headband using a glue gun.

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