Friday, 18 December 2009

1940s bed jackets

In these centrally-heated days a bed jacket is a rare sight indeed, and those that are around today are generally thick, fleecy and practical, aimed at the poorly and infirm.

How different bed jackets were in the 1930s, when they were a de rigeur glamour item for the Hollywood starlet, or anyone trying to inject a little femininity (and warmth) into a chilly boudoir.

This Target knitting pattern from the 1940s shows a stunning wide-collared bed jacket, to be patiently knitted in delicate 3-ply wool. This little confection has a timeless charm - still pretty enough to be worn today, even outside the bedroom, as part of an evening outfit.

I like the way that the lady in the top hand left corner is looking down, muttering, "Damn, hers is much nicer than mine," under her breath.

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