Thursday, 17 December 2009

Aled Jones. On a sheep. Wearing a jumper.

Who's this young feller-me-lad sitting atop his sheep, sporting a jaunty 1980s picture knit jumper? Why, it's top Radio 2 presenter and warbler Aled Jones, from the 1986 Knitability book, by Linda O'Brien and Gyles Brandreth. Aled is 16 years old here, although he looks young and sweet enough to still get away with half-fare on the bus. If I were a newsagent, I certainly wouldn't sell him matches.

Aled is seated on a very rare acrylic sheep, which is where the yarn for his jumper has come from. Farmers dislike raising acrylic sheep because they melt in the sun when it gets hot, and they stick to the hillside. No, really.

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