Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Knitted underwear

Another glimpse back to a past without central heating - "handknitted underwear to keep you warm", from Patons. Patons propose that all these garments should be knitted in Patons Beehive and Halcyon 3 ply, "chosen for their softness and warmth". Keeping away the winter chills is the key here, rather than feminine prettiness (although the pink Lady's Vest and Knickers combo does have a pretty, lacy trim).

Every time I see a pattern like this for a big garment to be knitted in 3 ply, on tiny needles, I marvel at the patience our grandmothers and great-grandmothers must have had. It's a far cry from today's quick-fix chunky yarns and fat needles...


  1. Oi - lady in the top left...I don't wish to alarm you but there's a panda looking in the window.

    Anon Talbot

  2. I think she'll catch a glimpse of it soon in that hand mirror and start to panic.

  3. Its a long cold winter of knitting. I guess this was from before they'd invented a way to have warm legs. But those giant curtains should be keeping the cold out of these lady's homes I reckon...

  4. Also, would like to make comments on the size of 'underwear models of the past' Oh perchance to dream....