Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A very knitted Christmas

This family, from the Patons Traditional Christmas book, must have started knitting on Boxing Day last year to get this festive feast of yarnery ready for yule this year.

Christmas jumpers, knitted tree decorations, a throw, stockings, a decapitated Santa head, knitted place mats, knitted candle holder (the ultimate fire hazard), and Christmas hot water bottles all take pride of place in the Patons family lounge. The knitted brown thing on the table at the edge of the picture is sadly not a knitted turkey to rival Flo's turkey cake: it's a knitted wreath table centrepiece.

The little boy is looking worried because he asked for a video iPod Nano for Christmas. Dad is telling him the good news: he's got one right here in this sparkly box. The bad news is that Mum knitted it. Sorry, son.

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