Friday, 11 December 2009


Another knitted headwear bygone - the helmet. Like a balaclava, only without the eyeholes. You can't blame terrorism for the demise in popularity of the helmet, only a change in popular taste, and possibly warmer winters.

Helmets were not just for the kiddies as this glamorous crocheted ladyhelmet from Patons proves. Very handy for covering up love bites. The Nouvelle Vague pout is optional.

Seafaring gentlemen would rather be keelhauled than be spotted leaving port wearing a ladyhelmet. This Seawear in Lister's Bluebird pattern is for them. Along with the traditional full-head helmet (top left), there is also a mysterious "helmet without crown" (bottom row) which seems to keep the neck warm but leave most of the head exposed apart from a small strip along the top of the head. Any idea why?

I love the idea of a knitting pattern just for fishermen - can't see Debbie Bliss catering for this market today.


  1. Is it possible that the cutout is to accomodate a helmet or hat of some kind? The lack of bulk would then facilitate putting a hemet on top. I was going to guess American Football helmet but why would that be for seafaring men?

  2. Yes, that will be it, it must be designed so you can wear a hat on top. Maybe a hard hat to stop fish leaping out of the water and hitting you on the head or something.

  3. Lot we know about the life of seafaring men. Shame....

  4. no, no ladies. It's so the seafarer's fascinator doesn't get crushed you fools..